Monday, June 22, 2015

The Benefits of Adaptive Leaning Technology

Kristen Hicks, aatxcopywrier, April 12, 2015

Adaptive learning has long been a part of education. The basic concept is simple: Coursework should be adapted to meet the individual needs of each student. Every teacher has experience modifying curriculum in some way to help students access information. Nowadays technology can help make the adaptations easier and more streamlined.
Adaptive learning technology seeks to do two things
1. Help teachers adapt lessons.
Adaptive technology can follow a student’s progress as they work and recognize which concepts they’ve mastered and in which areas they need further instruction. The software of app will then offer additional lessons on a subject until the student gains mastery.

2. Provide information that empowers teachers.
Adaptive learning products track how each student is doing and provide teachers with class reports. Teachers won’t have to work individually with students for hours to assess which skills each student needs help with, because they’ll have on-demand data aggregating that information.
Adaptive learning technology is gaining some pretty important supporters. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have shown their support to the tune of $1 million in grants for universities to step up their adoption of adaptive learning. And studies have been showing that adaptive learning technology can help students achieve comparable results in less time, raise their scores, and improve retention.

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