Thursday, June 18, 2015

Adaptive Learning

Training Place, April 11, 2015

As learners and instructors move online, adaptive learning (instructor in the box) is a more sophisticated solution for developing meaningful online relationships. Experience has always shown that the best way to improve learning is to respond to identified needs and clearly articulated solutions with social support when needed. Inferential technology is the giant step in using technology to improve learning. If deployed within an open-market paradigm, intelligent e-learning systems will clearly have a positive impact on the accessibility, affordability, and quality challenges that now confront global education.
Net-generation products depict the supportive learning role that technology can rightfully play in correcting learning problems that have continually perplexed training markets in the past.  Adaptive learning is important because it enables learners to select their modular components to customize their learner-centric learning environments.  Secondly, it enables them to offer flexible solutions that dynamically adapt content to fit individual real-time objectives.

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