Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adaptive Learning Technologies: Re-personalizing Education

Emma Lundy, Adaptive Learning,  August 20, 2015

Although EdTech is an ever-expanding field in which innovative developments are being made at an increasingly fast pace, one of its most exciting areas is adaptive learning.  Adaptive learning technologies are changing education in order to ensure that every student receives the level of attention that could prevouly be attained only during expensive one-to-one sessions with private tutors. Such sessions provide students ith the full attention of an experienced educator who is intimately familiar with their educational abilitie,s challenges, and progess, creating a fully personalized learning experience that has traditionally been absent from many classrooms due to limitations such as time constraints and a lack of information.  The primary role of adaptive learning technologies is to bring this level of personalization to every class room by empower teachers to deliver heir attention where it is needed most. 

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