Monday, September 28, 2015

Are Open Education Resources Ready for Adaptive-Learning Technology?

Benjamin Herold, Education Week,  8/26/2015

Hoping to bring its adaptive technology directly to students, teachers, and creators of "open" educational content, ed-tech company Knewton announced Wednesday the launch of a new online platform that relies on big data to match individual learners to the specific instructional materials that are ostensibly best-suited to their own learning needs and styles.  
The announcement marks the most aggressive attempt to date to merge such algorithm-based personalization—increasingly popular among both assessment makers and educational publishers—to the burgeoning world of open educational resources, or OER.
In a statement, Knewton founder and CEO Jose Ferreira touted the new effort.
"Knewton plucks the perfect bits of content for you from the cloud and assembles them according to the ideal learning strategy for you, as determined by the combined data power of millions of other students," he said. "Think of it as a friendly robot tutor in the sky."

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