Thursday, June 18, 2015

Faculty weigh in on Digital Courseware

Ron Bethke,  eCampus News, April 3, 2015

Though the majority of respondents agreed that digital courseware has the potential to improve learning for non-traditional students as well as broaden educational access, many also agreed that uncertainty looms when it comes to widespread adoption. “I feel pressured to use online instruction in some way at our institution, but I believe it mostly requires an increase in labor for instructors,” stated a full-time tenured faculty survey respondent. “I am not sure of the benefit it actually provides over traditional delivery in my area of teaching.” Specifically, the survey results uncovered three major barriers to faculty adoption of digital courseware: The first major barrier, as identified by 40 percent of respondents, is the “additional time required for faculty” to find existing digital courseware that effectively fits course goals, as well as the professional development needed to properly implement the courseware. This was the top obstacle reported by instructors from both public and private four-year institutions.

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