Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Digital Learning Experiences

Steven Mintz, Inside Higher Ed, April 27, 2015

Textbooks evoke a great deal of ambivalence among instructors.  Their expense and back-breaking heft are two sources of concern. More troubling is their tone – too often bland and tedious; their use of language – generally dreary and uninspired; and their content – frequently generic and excessively detailed. These are not books to be read for pleasure. They do not provoke, delight, or inspire.
One unsettling fact about textbooks is that they often structure the course that they are supposed to supplement.  Instructors often feel compelled to follow the textbook’s organization. At the same time, textbooks force students to learn along a single, prescribed pathway.
But there is another possibility, offering far greater potential for enhancing outside the classroom learning: A next generation digital learning experience. It is a learning ecosystem rather than an e-book plus supplements. It will offer:


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